About Angela




Angela’s insatiable appetite for literature has always been a way for her to  escape reality and imagine different lives for herself. 

As a young girl, she was so enthralled with Little Women that she pecked out a theater adaptation of Alcott’s novel on her mother’s Smith-Corona, in the hopes of staging a production with Julie and her other sisters.

“I draw energy from my dreams. They have made me take  leaps of faith, like moving to Italy when I was just a twenty-year-old. They motivate me more than any amount of outside pressure or ambition.”

The drive to create the perfect atmosphere in which others could live out their dreams, however briefly, led to a career in hospitality on the Italian Riviera, while Angela’s own biggest dream took shape, giving a new direction to her life. 

“The dream of writing an inspiring novel that might encourage women to make peace with their past and live in the moment saw me through one of the most profound experiences of my life: co-authoring Iris & Lily with my sister Julie.”